Multisite utilities, all in one place.

Save thousands on your business energy costs through our industry leading dashboard, where you can manage all of your business premises utility data in one place.
Mobile App
Upload meter readings via our app and say ‘goodbye’ to estimated billing.
Utility data submissions sent in ‘real-time’ to your suppliers, providing greater accuracy.

Meter Reading App

Using our delegated access feature, you can enable your employees who are on-site to take a quick photo of the meter(s). Our AI bots then read the meter and submit the readings to the supplier.
Designed with your business in mind - no matter how big or small.
Smart metering isn’t ‘smart’ if the technology isn’t working.

Smart metering isn’t ‘smart’ if the technology isn’t working. Data collectors can visit your premises infrequently, resulting in 'ad hoc' meter readings being applied to your accounts by suppliers. Factors such as these can have a significant impact on the bottom line of your business.

Take back control of your energy bills (and accounts) with no surprises. Yourtilities makes it easy for your staff members to submit meter readings (from any location) via our online app and portal (or even by SMS), saving you time and money to get on with what you do best, run vning your business.

How will Yourtilities help my business?
Turnover is vanity and profit is sanity. The bottom line of any business is what counts, and utilities can make or break businesses. YT acts as a go between for businesses and their suppliers to ensure that actual data is relayed and applied to their account’s accordingly. By implementing good housekeeping suppliers will have no reason but to ensure that accounts are kept up to date, resulting in less headaches for business owners.
How much will Yourtilities cost my business?
YT has been developed for businesses to maximise savings on their utilities. With that in mind, YT can obtain competitive quotes at the time of your renewals in order to offset a subscription charge for its services. YT would receive a commission from the suppliers if a business was to proceed with any quotes provided at the time of renewal.

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